Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sept 16

I missed a few days-I am still eating out of the freezers to make room for half a pig.

breakfasts, breakfast porridge, french toast (made with coconut milk), eggs and toast
lunchs and dinners, I have been making bigger batches (haha) so that I am only cooking one time a day instead of twice, eggs noodles with hamburger gravy, 5 pounds of mixed veggies, veggie barley soup, pinto beans with cheese (eaten like a soup), then refried beans (from the leftover beans) and roasted vegetable tacos.
snacks, smoothies, I still have lots of frozen fruit,

This weekend I think I will make up the black and blue jam. The blackberries and the blueberries seem to miss ripening at the same time by a couple weeks. I freeze them until a cooler day and don't heat up the house even more in canning season. I use equal parts of blackberries and blueberries. I run the berries through my Victorio strainer to get out all the seeds. It is #3's favorite jam. By making the jam I will use up probably 20 pounds of berries.

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