Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The house is full of flies

Last night we invited four other families over. We potlucked it and had a good time. After we were in bed I did the math. We had 30 people here-mostly children. And that is why the house is full of flies. Ever try to keep the doors closed with that many kids in and out of the house?

I made a vat of sloppy joe meat and happiness reigned over the household. Sloppy joes have magical powers according to to #5 and #4. They LOVE sloppy joes. They danced around the kitchen saying, "Oooo! Mom! I can SMELL the sloppy joe meat!!" and then they would roll their eyes and lick their lips. No joke. They were soo funny yesterday afternoon!

We ate. The kids jumped on the trampoline. One of the dad's asked what was the weight limit on the trampoline cause it was loaded with kids. The kids swam in the pool. #2 fixed the trebuchet and bowling balls were flying. There were even teenagers on our swingset. They were even swinging-not just harassing the little kids.

It was the sort of party that everyone just brought what they had leftover from the summer and shared. Shannon brought all the fireworks we didn't use at the lake. My driveway pad is covered in pop-it papers. All the kids ooohed and aaaahhed at the fireworks. Then the parents put the kids in the cars and talked while the cars were shaking from gymanstics being done in various vans. We got mosquito bites but we got 20 minutes of uninterupted conversation. The price we pay.

We had a good night. Now the house is clean, with the exception of a few paper plates or cups here and there. The kids are tired and satisfied. The littles are watching Backyardigans. And at 8:49 I just got my first request for breakfast. (#3 as usual, he is just behind by 2 1/2 hours.)

Off to the kitchen. I think today I will tackle getting ready for school 'cause that garage is just too big a project for the day.

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