Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Car Adventure

As I mentioned before we sold the van. We bought a PT cruiser. It is working out mostly. To get to church we would just plan two trips but friends of ours have loaned us a vehicle they are not using so we just put 4 in one car and 4 in the truck (extended cab) and make one trip. By the time they want the car back we will have enough cash to buy a beater. Problem solved!

People have asked us, "Well, what will you do when you want to go on vacation?" I thought about it. You know we vacation once or twice a year. The payment on a car loan is 12 months a year. It is cheaper in the long run for us to rent a larger vehicle for vacations. Most of the time we are local and it seems to be working. Even if we didn't have the truck our friends loaned us our attitude (and the way we explained to the children) is short term logistical problem, long term financial relief and security.

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