Sunday, December 31, 2006

do you ever wonder what you did all year?

I do. A blog is a good thing to have for when you are wondering what you did all year. We are blessed. No one died this year, no broken bones or stitches this year, we are employed. So, no complaints.

Our Family Is Growing!

No, I am not pregnant.

We have two new members of the family. We adopted 2 3 month old sister kittens. In keeping with tradition we have named them Biblical names but not names we would ever consider for a child. So, after hearing the boys say, "We need to name them Taco and Burrito!" "We need to name them Chimi and Changa!" "We need to name them Minnie and Mouse." "We need to name them Mary and Martha." "We need to name them CAT and DOG." We decided to name them Jezabel and Delilah. Yes, Jezabel did get eaten by dogs but we aren't talking about that in front of the young kids. Know what I mean??

We tried Mary and Martha but it didn't fit. I told DH that #3 needed a mammal before Christmas. He didn't believe me. Now he knows how much that kid needed a pet. #3 runs laps with these kittens. He chases them, goes under the beds for them, under the couches for them. He picks them up and he uses both arms, puts the cat in his elbows (the cats front leg pits are in one elbow, the back legs in the other elbow) the cat's legs are sticking straight out like chopsticks and the cat has this look on its face that just screams, "SAVE ME!" #3 is having a blast and learning that cats scratch. And it hurts.

The comic relief of kittens has been very good for the giggles around the house. Every night after the kids go to bed Jezabel and Delilah have this run the family room loop that includes running up and down all the furniture. We aren't talking little jog here either-they are running full out. It really reminds me of a movie I have seen, maybe Tron? (yah, that shows my age) but I am not sure. I just remember this movie in my head where they were running and the runners could go up the walls and down and swoop and in tunnels. That is what the kittens do.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

just when #3 was slowing down on the funny comments--here is #4

#2 was a trooper on his birthday. Here is the rest of the story....DH and I attended the temple that night. #4 barfed then was all perky. We checked with our adult babysitter if she was okay with us going. She was fine. #4 was perky perkey perky! He had a great time. She said she sent everyone upstairs for bed. #4 was jumping on the beds (very normal). Well, he jumped on #2's bed and barfed again. No, I am not kidding.

#1 came downstairs, the sitter said, "why are you down?" His reply, "I have to get #4 a bowl. He barfed on #2's mattress." So, the babysitter goes upstairs, wipes up the mattress and flips it. #4 comes down with her. He falls asleep on the family room floor and is there when we get home at 11.

Yesterday, we were picking up another sitter #4 and myself. We were driving in the car, counting bridges. In the course of conversation I asked him, "Why are you so smart?"

He grins and says, "Because I bawfed aww ova #2's mattwess."


The days are so different. Instead of mess and homeschool teaching I have a DH working from home and quiet until 2:54 when #6 (who is 10)...