Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday-Day of Rest

Not too much to blob about except whoever came up with the idea that Sunday is a day of rest? Sheesh. It sure isn't around here. And Saturday is spent getting ready to make Sunday as easy as it can be....and it isn't easy.

Let's start with getting 5 kids and yourself ready for church. And then having to not bite the bishop's head off when he is acting all nice when you are walking into church. The man has no clue what it is like to sit in a pew for an hour and ten minutes with 5 kids by yourself. Then the keeping everyone seated or not talking to the family behind you. Keeping your hair intact when the 2 year old decides to place peek-a-boo with your hair. Of course that only happens when you have to teach a lesson that day. Keeping your earrings from being torn out by 9 mo. old and your shirt up or down (depending which way she is going for her snack) and not embarrassing all the people sitting on the stand. (We sit on the front pew.) I am so relieved when that final prayer is said. I wish someday I could shout "HALLE--LU--JAH!" instead of the quiet solemn "amen."

A few weeks ago, #4 was digging around the diaper bag and found an apple. It was from a Friday night activity that had apple bobbing and we got sent home with an apple. I am thinking, "it's okay-an apple is a good snack." #4 sits down on the floor in front of the pew chomping away on the apple. He sits it down on the floor (yes, germs are jumping onto it but he is #4 and is still alive from eating food off of the floor) and walks away. He comes back to the apple, takes a bite and then pitches it across the chapel! DH didn't see it because he wasn't in his usual spot on the stand. The Stake President was in his spot. He saw the apple go flying. His eyes got as big as saucers and virtually popped out of their sockets (think Roger Rabbit). His shoulders start bobbing up and down from laughter and I want to melt from embarrassment. I am just lucky the deacons were dismissed to sit with their families or else we could have had a lawsuit on our hands. (Yes, judge. I did say that correctly. My client was permanently disfigured at church due to an apple.)

For DH after church there is the tithing to count, the callings to issue, people to talk to. More time away from the family, leaving me (with those 5 children) to that wonderful day. Sunday-day of rest-bah, humbug.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Pace of Life

It seems that life is picking up it's pace again. It has been a solid 4 weeks of busy, busy, busy. I remember the sanctity of peace after L. was born. People left our family alone. It was nice. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy interaction with other people. I enjoy serving others and working. Really I do. It just seems that no matter how many times I say to myself, "We need to cut back. We need to simplify" something happens to increase the pace of life.

This last time it was the Prophet and General Conference. So I am stepping up to the plate to substantially increase our efforts in preparedness-both physically and spiritually. At the same time, life seems to roll on. Coop still happens, service still needs to happen, babies still get sick, DH still has these last minute meetings and disappears for entire Sundays at a time (it feels that way) and for some reason, all these kids still need to be clothed, be educated and eat.


The days are so different. Instead of mess and homeschool teaching I have a DH working from home and quiet until 2:54 when #6 (who is 10)...