Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Basement Update 2

The great room is painted (a.k.a. the family room)
The kitchen is painted (mostly-have to do behind the frig)
The basement floor is tiled. Cindy came over last week and helped.
The basement doors are hung and trimmed and were painted.
The casings around the doors are nailed on, the baseboards are up.
All the nail holes are filled (and I have made an executive decision-the person who put all those nail holes in the boards HE should fill all those stinking little holes).
Today I am painting the little holes too.
Today I will finish painting the hallway

As soon as the paint dries the basement is officially finished.

Tonight we hope to unroll the carpet and start placing furniture.

Saturday is the Graduation Pary.

Now all I have to do is clean. Boy, is that it an understatement.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

DH was released from the bishopric today.

Both of us have mixed feelings around here. I just wonder what calling they will ask him or me to do next.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Furniture Shopping

I am pooped. I really do not like furniture shopping. With our basement upgrade, the current couch will be going downstairs (and the TV too). Our great room will be bare for a while. DH and I are those furniture shoppers that drive salespeople wild.

We scour the store. Try just about every couch including ones in the clearance center. We don't want pillows that the boys can take off the couch and jump on. DH would prefer that all the cushions clip on. I don't want brown, black or white. He doesn't want green. Classic styling but not over the top. I like to sit on a couch and not in a couch. And a reasonable price.

Monday we were at the furniture store for 3 1/2 hours. The sales person was shadowing us the entire time. Of course we had all 5 children with us. The kid castle would not take the 10 or 9 year old-they are too big. The 2 and 1 year old were too young. That left Mr. Wisdom to be the lone child to go into the kid castle. We didn't let him-he would rub it in everyone else's face that he got to go in and they didn't.

Today, the kidlets were across the street being babysat. I ran to the upscale furniture store. I had no idea how low brow we actually are! Good grief! We have been married 12 years and we still have garage sale furniture. I walked into this store (I should have put on makeup) and the sales person approaches me. I tell her what I am looking for (see list above). She brings me straight to 2 couches that fulfill my requirements. You can get extra firm cushions too. Then she tells me that we have to go pick out the fabric for the couch. You get to pick? You don't just get what they have on the floor? Cool!

The room she brought me to is larger than my bedroom and is wall to wall, floor to ceiling fabric samples. I find one I like. She is a color consultant and finds this one that would be great pillows and that one would be wonderful on a chair. I ask her to price the couch. 3 grand. Yep, three thousand dollars. for one couch.

I gulp and try not to blush. I tell her, well, I will have to work on my husband. I might be able to pull it off. Yeah, right.

Then I mentioned that I needed to pick a color paint. She said, "Oh! I can help you with that!" And flounces her golden curls and walks over to another desk. "Do you like Sherwin Williams?" and she opens a color catalog with every color that Sherwin Williams carries. She found 4 that coordinate beautifully with that $3,000 couch. She writes down the paint names and colors for me. I pocket them and say thank you very much. Go to my car and go to the cheap furniture store.

I walk in, find the brand we like. Discover that it can be special ordered with a fabric of my choice (on their little twirly fabric sample hanger thingy). The expense store did all the work for me. She showed me how to coordinate the fabrics and I got the color paint for the family room.

Decision made. Furniture is ordered. Paint color is chosen. Life can resume.

So, is that cheating? I didn't tell the expensive store salesperson I was buying. I told her I was looking. I didn't expect to get that level of service at all. I just wanted to see if that kind of couch existed. I am counting it as a blessing.

Monday, May 22, 2006


I hold you!

This is what #4 says when he wants a hug or some lovin'.

He comes up to me, with both arms extended and says, "Ah, mama! I hold you!" I'll let him keep on thinking he is holding me. It makes me do the happy sigh.

I really need those spy glasses that take pictures

Today #1 was on the family room couch. He started reading a book to #4. #5 went to the library, got her own book, handed it to #1, climbed up on the couch and joined them.

It is a wonderful sight seeing my first child reading to my two toddlers. It was even more wonderful that he hung in there and read 4 books to them. He is a great big brother.

I really need those spy glasses that take pictures

Today #1 was on the family room couch. He started reading a book to #4. #5 went to the library, got her own book, handed it to #1, climbed up on the couch and joined them.

It is a wonderful sight seeing my first child reading to my two toddlers. It was even more wonderful that he hung in there and read 4 books to them. He is a great big brother.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Well, #4 is starting his own funnies

Last night #s 1, 2 and 3 went across the street for dinner. It is always amazingly quiet when it is just DH and the little ones for dinner.

#4 is 2.5, rather verbal and a charmer but temperental (but what 2.5 year old isn't?). He has dark brown eyes that look like little pots of chocolate and a quick smile that lights up the room. And like most children this age he will not say his name. We were all at dinner the other night. #4 points to each person and says their name but when we ask him and point to him what his name is he says, "ME!"

Last night, we were eating and #4 asked for a drink. #5 had a bottle and he wanted it. #5 gave the bottle to him. He starts sucking down the apple juice. After a few minutes, #5 wants the bottle back (isn't that just like a girl?). DH says to #4, "#4 give the bottle back to #5. It is her turn."

#4 looks DH straight in the eye and says, "No, Me's turn."

He won't say his name but he got the possessive right.

Basement Update

The downstairs bathroom is painted.
The new TV room is painted.
The registers are installed, as are new lights, and trim.
The wainscoting going down the stairs is caulked and dings are filled.
The hallway is awaiting its last coat of paint but I am not going to do it until the couch is hauled down and all the wall scuffing is completed.
We tore up the carpet going down the stairs yesterday. All the tack strip and staples are pulled out. We are going to paint the stairs and call a flooring person about tiling the stairs. We were going to put down resiliant tile but the stairs are in rough shape.

So, I still have to paint the stairs, paint the doors (when they arrive) and scrub the floor, roll out the carpet, move the furniture in, hang pictures and then let the kids trash it, oops, I mean use it. DH and I have to figure out what to do about the stairs. He has to put in doors. And then I get the clean the whole house and get the yard in shape.

3 weeks left until the graduation party....can I get everything done?

I have to call a carpet cleaner this week and schedule an appointment.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The mommies that could

Today, DS #1 is causing my head veins to pop out. He had a meltdown because the Lego magazine arrived just after he finished his TV privileges. He knew going into the TV privileges that he would have to do some work after his show was completed. He started crying, turning red, being angry because I was making him work too much. I told him that I did not want to yell at him or hurt his feelings. He accepted that. All I did was send him to sit on his bed and think. He came down after 10 minutes and apologized. I forgave him. He came up with a plan to get what he wanted and I approved it.

During this whole little episode of parenting, I have this thought in my brain, "WHAT ARE YOU NUTS???? HE ONLY HAD TO DO 3 PAGES OF MATH AND 1 HOUR OF READING AND HE IS COMPLAINING THAT HE HAS TOO MUCH WORK TO DO?????"

My evil side started thinking, "Send that kid to school and let him see how fast that 7 hours can drag by. Mwaw ha ha haaaaaa."

April and May seem to be the months that I hear homeschool mommies all over say, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! LET US SEND THEM TO SCHOOLLLLLLLL!!"

Deep breaths mommies. We can do it. We can do it. WE CAN DO IT.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

and in a few years we will be saying (some of you that don't have as many children as I have-I will still be on the I think I can):

I knew I could, I knew I could, I knew I could.

In the meantime, I think I need chocolate.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Back to the basement

Since the hives I haven't been working on the basement. Tonight I spackled (again) and wood fillered (is that a verb?) the wainscoting. I am attempting to make it look like 4 boys don't live here-ha! Fat chance!

Aubrey set the date of June 10 for the party. I have to step up my work pace. ugh

On a brighter note-the dishwasher is repaired. Thank You Heavenly Father! A friend was over this week and commented on how my housekeeping had slipped lately (in a nice way). All I was doing was dishes, dishes, dishes. Even tonight, a mere 24 hours later, the house is cleaner. I got to other things!

The babies emptied several hundred rubber bands across the family room and used marker on the carpet. (They both went to the gym striped.) In the basement they emptied 5 pounds of thin spaghetti onto the floor and stomped it into little bits. All three events were under a brothers' care while mom was showering or reading to another sibling. Gotta love a 2 1/2 year old with a 16 month old chaser that giggles at him.

Tomorrow is paint.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Grocery Budget

Anyone noticed lately how the budget is getting tighter and the prices are going up?

I have an announcement

I am currently experiencing something that I have never experienced in my entire life. I view it as a complete blessing from Heavenly Father. I have woman friends.

I was the person in school that never really seemed to have lots of friends. I just didn't make friends easily. I still don't make friends easily but we have been in this house now for 4 years (the longest we have lived in one place in our entire marriage) and I am making friends. Good friends. I have friends I can laugh and cry with, turn to for advice or to vent. I have friends that give me a kick in the butt when I need it. We eat Thai food together.

My DH and I have a good marriage, even a great marriage. He is my beloved best friend. If he is the cake, the woman friends in my life have been the frosting. You can live on cake alone (and enjoy it) but you know that cake is better with frosting-even just a little bit. He is yellow cake-my friends are chocolate fudge frosting-homeade, not from a can.

My woman friends have added a dimension to my life that I didn't realize existed. I am beginning to understand more why women of the past clung to their dear friends so fiercely. I have found "kindred spirits."

Thank you my friends.

Thank you Heavenly Father for putting them in my life.

For those who don't know me and my friends--I have great friends. We are all different. Some of us have lots of children and some none. Some are close and some are far (and we get the long distance package with unlimited minutes and the phone company loses money on us!) The kids are all different ages (but there seems to be lots of boys!). We are all not of the same faith. Some homeschool and some don't. What we eat goes all over the place-vegan, no dairy, no restrictions, no food dyes, white flour, whole grain everything. We got Democrats and Republicans and moderates and conservatives and Independents. The common thread is respect. We respect each other and value each others' experiences.

I have great friends.

Date Night with #3

#3 earned a private date with the parent of his choice. I was the chosen parent. He picked riding his bike to the local ice cream store. Since it was pouring here, DH and I convinced him I could just drive him (versus riding the bike). This is a bit of the conversation:

#3: awa a young mudda wight? (you are a young mother right?)
Mama: Well, that sorta depends. (cause I sure ain't no spring chicken anymore-I am a summer chicken)
#3: Weww, you don't hav wumpy fingas. (Well, you don't have lumpy fingers.)
Mama: Oh, you mean on my knuckles? (and I showed him my hand)
#3: Yeah. (he curls my hand into a ball and touches my knuckles) Tommy's mom-she has wumpy fingas AND white haiw. You don't have white haiw or wumpy fingas so you are a young mudda. It is sowta like dandelions-when they are young, they awa aww fuww of yewwow and when they get old-they are aww white. Muddas are wike dat you know.

Mr. Wisdom strikes again.

Parents are like dandelions. When they are young they are full of color. When they are old they get white. Doesn't that just glamourize aging?

After we got home, he thanked me for taking him on a date and gave me a HUGE hug and kiss. sigh

Monday, May 8, 2006

Its the Dreadful Day

Today is the bi-annual Dreadful Day. The day of sorting-clothing sorting. The winter clothes are put away, thrown away or donated and the summer clothes are coming out. The laundry is done (or the washers are started) and the attics are being cleared of the clothing boxes.

I might emerge tomorrow. I hope.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Proud Mama Moment

#3 bore his testimony during Sacrament Meeting.

He had no help and it was his own choice.

Saturday, May 6, 2006


Tonight #3, 4 and 5 were all in the library (living room). DH put #5 down to bed and #3 and 4 were reading books. #2 came in and read a book to #4. #3 read a book to #4. He then went to the shelf and pulled off a new book to read.

"Mama-let's wead 'Hideous Geowge and the Chocwat Factowy'."

Yep, that is right. It is no longer Curious George-it is Hideous George. I had to walk away so I didn't laugh in his face. I

brought him to DH and had him tell Daddy what the name of his book was.
"Hideous Geowge and the Chocwat Factowy"


Later, during a quiet moment I told him that the name wasn't actually Hideous George-it was Curious George.

#3: What does cuwious mean?
Mama: The monkey asks lots of questions about everything and loves to explore--just like you.

He got a very cute little smile on his face and was very happy.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Popcorn Ceiling

I think Cindy is right. I am allergic to the popcorn ceiling in the basement. My hives were virtually gone this morning. I went downstairs and swept and worked and they are red again. I called DH. This is the conversation:

Me: I think we need to paint the ceiling.
DH: Oh, why?
Me: To close up whatever it is that I am allergic to and so when the boys (notice that was when-not if) horse around down there and knock some off the ceiling I won't immediately have lips that puff up. (Yes, Angelina Jolie lips.)
DH: You think they are going to goof off down there? When there is a nice couch down there?

My dear husband-did you eat this morning? Were your cinnamon raisin bagels spiked with some sort of anti-memory drug? Remember the children? your children? The same ones that have been in our house for the last 10 1/2 years? They draw comic strips about the Kingdom of Fartalot and can't clear the dinner table without going into goofy laughing convulsions or a wrestling match?

You know, the children that have attempted to go out second story windows, climb the kitchen shelves, the library shelves, onto and into the washer and dryer, the little ones that still think they are part monkey and make those cute little, "ooo, eeee" noises? The little one that lays across the back of the couch so he can pounce on an older brother when he is least aware? Is your memory coming back now??

Those children will be using the downstairs room.

What makes you think a couch is going to change their behavior? It seems that you and I (their parents) can't change their behavior.

I will have it painted before you get home from work.

Monday, May 1, 2006

Anyone have any cheese and crackers to go with my WHINE?

If you want you may have wine but I just gotta whine...

I have been fighting a sore throat for 6 weeks now. It comes and it goes. I did a round of antibiotics. After that didn't work I did a round of herbals. Now, after that not working I have broken out in hives from head to toe. Yes, head to toe. I thought I could be a big kid and not have to see the doctor but yesterday after my palms were itching (haven't heard about itchy palms since high school, eh?) and my lips started swelling, I headed to Bon Secours ER. (I could have stopped for Sunday breakfast Carin!)

If you want really good service at an ER just telling them allergic reaction and swelling lips. I beat out the guy that was losing feeling in his hand, had a huge bag of pills and brought every family member including the second cousins twice removed and the hoochie mama girlfriend. In the Detroit area going to the ER is a party event, bring the whole darn family. That way Grampa can have a heart attack from all the complaining he is doing because, "Them doctors ain't seeing his boy." That is, of course, if the doctors can understand him because he didn't put his dentures in.

The nurse talks to me and brings me back to triage. She does all the vitals, I fall in love with their scale that says I have lost almost 30 pounds since the beginning of the year instead of mine at home that says a measley 22. She takes me back to a room, the blood lady comes, the doctor comes, the blood lady blows out my vein after I told her not to use my hand, the doc starts rambling off drugs they are going to give me, I nod and they both leave. The nurse comes back gives me the drugs intravenously. Now we just wait to see if any of the angry bright red welts are changing. After 1 1/2 hours and a nap, the doc says I am getting better. He can see a change and I think I don't have Angelina Jolie lips anymore. I am discharged. At that time he gives me instructions that conflict with the instructions that are written down that the nurse has me sign. And those blood vials that were sitting on the table that I have this wonderful bruise for are thrown away.

I have pink hives today. After some research on the net, I have discovered that we will probably never know what causes this. It could be a viral infection (that sore throat) or an allergic reaction. I got steroids, a medicine to keep the steroids from giving me an ulcer and benadryl to keep me woosie. I also found out that prednisone can give you mood swings. Just what my sons want! An itchy, unpredictable mother!

Off to my primary care doctor today...


The days are so different. Instead of mess and homeschool teaching I have a DH working from home and quiet until 2:54 when #6 (who is 10)...