Thursday, May 18, 2006

Well, #4 is starting his own funnies

Last night #s 1, 2 and 3 went across the street for dinner. It is always amazingly quiet when it is just DH and the little ones for dinner.

#4 is 2.5, rather verbal and a charmer but temperental (but what 2.5 year old isn't?). He has dark brown eyes that look like little pots of chocolate and a quick smile that lights up the room. And like most children this age he will not say his name. We were all at dinner the other night. #4 points to each person and says their name but when we ask him and point to him what his name is he says, "ME!"

Last night, we were eating and #4 asked for a drink. #5 had a bottle and he wanted it. #5 gave the bottle to him. He starts sucking down the apple juice. After a few minutes, #5 wants the bottle back (isn't that just like a girl?). DH says to #4, "#4 give the bottle back to #5. It is her turn."

#4 looks DH straight in the eye and says, "No, Me's turn."

He won't say his name but he got the possessive right.

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