Thursday, May 18, 2006

Basement Update

The downstairs bathroom is painted.
The new TV room is painted.
The registers are installed, as are new lights, and trim.
The wainscoting going down the stairs is caulked and dings are filled.
The hallway is awaiting its last coat of paint but I am not going to do it until the couch is hauled down and all the wall scuffing is completed.
We tore up the carpet going down the stairs yesterday. All the tack strip and staples are pulled out. We are going to paint the stairs and call a flooring person about tiling the stairs. We were going to put down resiliant tile but the stairs are in rough shape.

So, I still have to paint the stairs, paint the doors (when they arrive) and scrub the floor, roll out the carpet, move the furniture in, hang pictures and then let the kids trash it, oops, I mean use it. DH and I have to figure out what to do about the stairs. He has to put in doors. And then I get the clean the whole house and get the yard in shape.

3 weeks left until the graduation party....can I get everything done?

I have to call a carpet cleaner this week and schedule an appointment.

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