Monday, April 28, 2008

Think Dora the Explorer for a moment

She did it! She did it! She did it! Yah! She did it! She did it! She did it! Hooray!!

dance around

What did she do?

It is more what she DIDN'T do. That darling baby of mine-my fuzzy little inchworm of a girl is the barfiest kid I have eva had. EVA. I have never had a baby where I was wiping spit up from in between my toes. She would get me from shoulder to toes often. Today was the first day she didn't spit up on me. And I didn't hear anyone else groan that she tidal waved them either.

Oh, her sphincters are maturing....

Today is the first day. The first day of less laundry....

Friday, April 25, 2008

We celebrated

One year ago Jon was diagnosed.

We celebrated that he is still with us.

Orange is the color for leukemia. We ate orange food with games and lots of great company.


Aubrey sent us a postcard from China!!! See how happy #5 is?! "Aubwey wuvs us!"
See the lunch still on her face? and the fact that she stripped herself? sigh She love her Aubrey and was very excited.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You know what kind of mom I am?

DH is travelling, I got a whole 2 hours of sleep last night, finding zero binkies for the people howling for them, or sippies and sharing my bed with the 4 year old sleeping diagonally. I am the kind of mom that let them have ice cream for breakfast.

See all those happy faces?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Here you go HB

Level 1
the bath on this level is marble tile, tan striped wall paper with pedestal sink, the fish room is the one pictured-the wall opposite the pictured is the fish tank, fire place is in room that you walk into, room with three windows is off the kitchen
Level 2, glass block shower is one drawn with curved shower wall, none of these rooms have photos on web
Level 3-room top most is the one on the web, the flower 1/2 bath is on this level
Garage doors 108", must go out to the garage to get to the basement

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ah, the joy of a 4 year old

He won't change out of his Spiderman pajamas without a really, really good fight. Most of the time it involves bribery. He announced last week, "I am going to wear my jammie FOWEVA!" I guess it wasn't so much of an announcement as a proclamation because both of his fists went up into the air to emphasize his point and the look on his face. Let me just say don't mess with him.

While visiting Grandma #2 made a blow gun that shoots mini marshmallows. Since it is "coowa" of course his younger brothers attempt at every turn to snitch it for themselves. #4 had it last night. He was pretending to be a clone trooper-a commander clone trooper to be exact. He told all of us to call him commander clone trooper.

I asked him a question using his name. His response was, "No-don't call me that! I am Commanda Clone Troopa!" To me it was interesting because Commanda Clone Troopa was wearing Spiderman jammies and I have never seen a clone wear jammies before. I said, "But I thought you were Spiderman." His response? "You can call me Commanda Spidyman." and he webbed off.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can you guess what this is?

This is my M.O.M's and M.O.D's (remember? Mistress of Mess and Master of Disaster) attempt at building a fire. Just like their big brother in grandma's firepit.
If you look closely you will see that they use dry spagetti noodles as tinder and crusts from their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as kindling.
They were very proud of their efforts.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Driver's Ed

On the way home from Grandma's house DH let #6 take the wheel. She loved it. She is the first one to sit on the steering wheel instead of just standing on Daddy's lap.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Uncovering the binky

I took out #5's binky to wipe her nose and found a dark goatee with green boogers. (I know ewww.)
I asked, "What have you been eating? Were you eating dirt?" I was teasing knowing she didn't have access to dirt this morning.
Her reply, "Um huh. I was eating dirt at Aunt Rachel's house. Behind the shed. And it was yummy. But Uncle Matt he said it was yucky."

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Perfect Storm

It is the perfect combination of toddlers. My dear #5 is a little over 3. At this recent family reunion she had cousins galore. Her most dear companions were Quintin (who is now 3 but 2 at the time), Elliot (who will be 4 in May) and Lorien (just 2 in November). She didn't seem to hang out with all 3 of them at the same time. Thank Goodness! She would pair up with Quintin, then with Elliot, then with Lorien. It is glorious noise hearing all their little laughter.

There is also weeping when we smell nail polish fumes throughout the house--the house with new carpeting that Grandma waited years for--years with orange and avacado shag carpeting. And Quintin and #5 come down stairs with black nail polish on their legs and toes. The moms make a dash to find the source of fumes and find a patch of carpet in Aunt Sarah's room that has nail polish drizzled in an oval pattern overlapping. It reminded me of Hershey's chocolate syrup when you drizzle it over an bowl of ice cream. This carpet had lots of drizzles. When asked who did it? Quintin said, "I did it!" #5 said, "Me too. I did it!"

At Aunt Rachel's house we discovered that the overflow drain in her downstairs bathroom doesn't work. And that toilet paper when soaked in the over flowing drain likes to stick to texturized walls when splatted there by #5 and Lorien. They screamed and giggled in delight. I was really thankful that Rachel's husband just got a new steam carpet cleaner and it sucks up water as it is pouring down the bathroom cabinets and filling the drawers.

She did something with Elliot also but it has slipped the sleep deprived brain. It will come to me and I will fill in about her and Elliot.


The days are so different. Instead of mess and homeschool teaching I have a DH working from home and quiet until 2:54 when #6 (who is 10)...