Monday, April 21, 2008

Ah, the joy of a 4 year old

He won't change out of his Spiderman pajamas without a really, really good fight. Most of the time it involves bribery. He announced last week, "I am going to wear my jammie FOWEVA!" I guess it wasn't so much of an announcement as a proclamation because both of his fists went up into the air to emphasize his point and the look on his face. Let me just say don't mess with him.

While visiting Grandma #2 made a blow gun that shoots mini marshmallows. Since it is "coowa" of course his younger brothers attempt at every turn to snitch it for themselves. #4 had it last night. He was pretending to be a clone trooper-a commander clone trooper to be exact. He told all of us to call him commander clone trooper.

I asked him a question using his name. His response was, "No-don't call me that! I am Commanda Clone Troopa!" To me it was interesting because Commanda Clone Troopa was wearing Spiderman jammies and I have never seen a clone wear jammies before. I said, "But I thought you were Spiderman." His response? "You can call me Commanda Spidyman." and he webbed off.

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