Wednesday, January 24, 2007

There were tears today

from my first born. On our way to OM his baby sister barfed all over the car (yes, Kelly, another barfing incident, and you are right, there are tremendous messes that I deal with far too often). We were closer to home than to the meeting so I turned around and headed home. I washed her off, gave her a binky and put her to bed. She slept for 2 hours.

I come out from putting her to bed. #1 is in the middle of the family room floor, bawling, "How come we have to stay home? I want to see my friends." My poor guy, he is learning the hard way that life just isn't always roses and that flexibility is a characteristic we attempt to foster at home. I just hugged him and told him we couldn't get everyone else sick. Poor guy.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

pssst....I have a secret

I ate white flour and sugar today.
I like the smell of coffee.
I yell at my children occasionally.
I don't listen to the voice mail regularly.
I have a rechargeable Starbucks card. Actually 2 of them.
I return library books late.
I even return library books without the due date card. And this according the clerk at the check out desk is a heinous, insidious oversight. To which I really wanted to say, "GET A LIFE! Don't try to guilt me about these, at least you have a stinking job because my tax dollars support this library. So, don't give me that look down your nose look about late fees or missing card fees which I pay."
I also lose my temper every now and then...

peace, quiet and warm towels

There are somedays when you just have to use every single last drop of hot water. They must be used by you and you alone in the shower. And there is nothing that can budge you from getting totally lobster red-even if the steam coming out of the bathroom sets off the smoke detectors and house alarm...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Girlie!

You are two today. I guess you are really out of the realm of babyhood. Your dad and I have known that for at least a month now. You continue to amaze us with your verbal skills. What a difference there is between you and your brothers! As I emerged from my bedroom this morning, you announced that you had on your "PINK!" jammies and patted your tummy to show me. You love the kittens. I am not so sure they love you quite so much. You have learned that chasing them doesn't get you a "kiddie." You wait until they come to their food and water dish to scoop them up. You carry them around by their cat arm pits with their back to legs flailing around the grip onto something. Your dad or I quickly save the cat just for you to do it over and over again until the cat finally disappears hungry or thirsty.

You love to have your nails painted. Maggie, Hannah and Erin did it for you yesterday. You love flaunting your "pinks" and your brothers have learned to oooo and ahhh and tell you how pretty they are. The preferred clothing is a dress and tights. If there are barettes for your hair life is so much better. You have no hair in the front but the hair in the back needs to have a "pwetty" in it. You love to help me cook. You regularly push around the wheat bucket in the kitchen to get to countertop level to see what is going on. You insist to see the mixer mix, the blender blend, the wheat grinder grind and any other appliance do its thing.

You are adored by your big brothers and your father. I love you. But they adore you. You prefer Daddy to get you up in the morning and a brother to help you out. You do still cuddle me and come to me but there are just times of the day when a male is preferred.
Happy Birthday Chica!

Saturday, January 13, 2007


#1 is helping #3 get dressed for church, as he is tucking in the shirt I hear: "There! Now you are cute!"

#3 responds, "NO! I NOT coot. I cooowa. Weega coot."

I guess girls are supposed to be cute in his 3 yo mind but boys are cool. Who argues with a 3 year old?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It is 10:44 am

there have been poops in the tub, an orthodontist appointment, pancakes (and the accompanying mess), four hundred seventy four screams by the girl after the "kiddies", dirty diapers and now murmuring from the couch of "seven times seven is (insert the hugest sigh you have ever heard)."

DH did the poops and the dirty diapers this morning. Gotta love a man that does poop and vacuums.


The days are so different. Instead of mess and homeschool teaching I have a DH working from home and quiet until 2:54 when #6 (who is 10)...