Monday, June 8, 2009


All you beautiful friends of mine!

IF you are comparing your garden to mine-STOP.

Heavenly Father told me we are supposed to do this. Heavenly Father will tell you what you are supposed to do.


Listen to Him for YOUR instructions.

It isn't contest.

Don't compare.

Do what YOU are supposed to do.

I love you.

and be ready in August to come pick some tomatoes.



NatalieHemingway said...

Does yours really qualify as a garden still??? Are you gardening or farming now? Really, how big does it have to be to make the distinction?

jennifer said...

Indeed, you are full of sweetness. I know that I MUST start small -- I am thinking about canning and planting peas. Good start, hun?

Tulip Girl said...

In my mind the distinction between gardening and farming is profit. If we sold produce maybe we would be farming. Have to think about it. As of right now, we are only producing for ourselves (at least that is the plan).

And Jennifer-reveal yourself! Give the last two letters of your last name. I know way too many Jennifers.


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