Thursday, June 4, 2009

My computer is limping

My laptop's hard drive is on the fritz. I can use some of the applications but cannot access the internet. I am typing from boys' (and now my) computer. DH is trying to fix it but with all the other things I just told him, "It's okay. I spent too much time surfing anyway." (I did last week.)

We are building an automated watering system for the garden. It is made out of pvc and we are drilling thousands of little holes for the water to come out of. Really, thousands. #1 and #2 are perfectly capable of building it themselves but mama is needed to keep them going. It isn't exactly automated-I will still have to go out and open the valves but it is better than dragging a hose around and watering each individual bed.

Fencing-last week after getting all those tomato plants in the bunnies had a little smorgasbord. #2 has been shooting them with his .22 as often as we see them. We have live traps set and if we catch one we drown it. A few days last week were spent pricing the fencing for the garden. We decided to go with electric netting. It turned out to be cheaper and easier. It should only take about an hour to put up the fence versus days of post hole digging and stringing fence.

Today I did the grocery run. Do you know how much food $500 will buy at Aldi? When will these children learn to photosynthesize??? It was about 4 cart loads.

I am pooped and going to bed.

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jennifer said...

Indeed, wouldn't it be nice if they did photosynthesize.


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