Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shopping Day today!

I am taking the 4 littles with me grocery shopping. And it is our anniversary. DH is gone with #6 getting his allergy shots. I said, "Can't you take her with you?" knowing full well I would spend more time saving the kitten she terrorizes. Truly. I am writing the shopping list and menu and trying to get 3,4, and 5 ready. #4 came down and chomped his granola. I talked with him about the plans for the day. He got very excited because we are going to stop at the thrift store and buy him some summer jammies. He looked at me, milk mustache in place and said, "Mom. I am going to put my bowl in the sink (SCORE!) and then skeedabra up the stairs to get ready."

I think he meant skeedaddle.

#2 was sitting across the table (working on math, all his Algebra 1 has to be finished before he leaves for scout camp-he is cramming), smiled, looked me straight in the eye and said, "You need to write that one down!"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mom! We are ready to go swimming

Me: Who is going to swim with you? (cause the littles can't go in the pool without a big person)
#4: #2!
#5: Does he have his suit on?
#4: He has on his underwear.
Me: Do you have on your underwear?
#4: Actually, no.

and I don't want to know how long he has been going commando.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There is a naked 2 year old running around my house

She is begging to go swimming.

She took off her dress. She peeled off her diaper and is looking for her swimsuit. Upstairs she went in search of aforementioned suit.

Dad says to her: You're naked. (He is Master of the Obvious.)

She responds: I want to go swimming.

Dad: You're going to go swimming naked?

She: I am going to go swimming in my buns.

Good to know that buns are now part of a wardrobe!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Da Kissy MOnsta!

#5 has been grabbing my neck, pulling my cheek to her wips and kissin me like 20 times in a row.

I wuv you mom. You needed to know.

Lobster Backs

That is what my little kids are-lobster backed, sunburnt, crispy kids. I applied sunscreen several times. Saturday the Lund and Jensen families came over and played. The kids played hard. It was a great time. We had pulled pork sandwiches, spam pasta salad, snow cones and ice cream. The pool was open. I bought a piece of plastic sheeting for a homemade slip-n-slide. Rick recommended a bottle of shampoo to make the slip really fly. We had 500 water balloons. It was kid Summer Heaven.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Can you name this vegetable?

This is a delicacy.

This is worth waiting a year to eat.

It is a flower stalk of garlic. It is called a scape. And it is fantastic in omelets and frittata. It tastes like garlic asparagus.

I am drooling.

We are eating them Saturday morning with the Lund and Jensen families. I will go out and harvest them Friday. By cutting off the flower stalk, I force the plant to make a bigger clove of garlic.


My dear husband has said it for years and really, really hopes I brush my teeth before I kiss him.

My favorite vegetable is garlic.

One of the dis/advantages of the fall

DH cannot shave. He has a very difficult time reaching his face because his right elbow does not bend that way yet.

He hates the look. I like the way he kisses even better. So, I guess he likes it and hates it at the same time. Oh, he still makes my heart go pitty-pat!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Look who has a kitten

#1 is getting the pleasure of bottle feeding a kitten. He lights up when he holds the kitten. I think the name currently in the lead is Phineas.

Monday, June 7, 2010

So much for Garden Planning

I spend parts of January and February figuring out the garden plan. I order seeds. Seed catalogs are essentially crack for gardeners.

Mother Nature decided spring needed to come about 5 weeks early this year.

I was okay with that. We just didn’t have as much lettuce, peas or broccoli as planned.

All was on schedule until my beloved fell down the stairs. Actually when he fell down the stairs I had all the seedlings started and ready for the ground because I taught a garden class. My ducks were in a row.

I have to tell ya’ll that my DH is a wonderful dad. He is hands-on, disciplining, diaper changing, book reading, vacuuming and mopping kind of dad. We are really a team raising this large family of ours. Having him out of commission has been, oh, what is a good word? Sucky? Debilitating? Frustrating? Get the idea?

The big boys and I are doing the best we can. We are still behind. It really is the little things that are just killing me right now.

Little things like, oh, when cleaning off the kitchen counter on Saturday morning, a certain child put all the garden seeds on the back porch. The counters were clear, right?

It rained buckets and buckets here Saturday night. I didn't know the seeds were on the back porch.

I glanced out the window yesterday to discover my entire seed stash is wet. Did you know that most seed companies put their seeds in paper envelopes to ensure that the seeds don’t mold?

Rain, paper, seeds.

Two shoe boxes full.

I am attempting to save the expensive ones. I am peeling open the wet envelopes, scraping the seeds onto paper plates, labeling the plate and putting them out to dry.

I had two years worth of seeds.

The garden plan is officially out the window because all of the corn seeds are soaked and now we are going to have two years of corn seed planted. Other veggies are being displaced. No green beans this year. I may be putting a container on the deck for zucchini and other things. This is still a work in progress but it isn’t going to turn out like I had anticipated the garden turning out this year.

No child has been scolded. What is the sense? They weren't trying to do something that takes up an entire afternoon of my time. But oh, this is killing me.

Where is the Calgon?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

#5 had a funny day today

This morning started off with haircuts. We got to attend my cousin's wedding reception and all the males in the house were shaggy. Out came the clippers and the buzzing began. I did DH, #2,3 and 4. Then #5 came in. She gets into the chair and says, "Mom. I want spiky haiw."

Her dad hears this and winces. Dad winces because he knows I don't have a problem giving her spiky hair. Hair grows. Although it seems to grow very slow on my girls.

Me: Are you sure?

Her: Yes, I want to be able to spike my haiw wike #4. (Honestly, she is so in love with that older brother it is just amazing.)

Dad is visibly cringing.

Dad: Well, if you get spiky hair you won't be able to have pony tails anymore.

Her: But #4 has spiky haiw.

Dad: Boys have short hair. You are a girl. You won't be able to have braids.

Me: How about we trim your bangs and the rest of your hair and see how you like it.

Her: a very resigned and deflated "Okayyy"

I trim her bangs and just take off the ends all over the rest of her hair. I put in a couple of braids and she no longer wants spiky hair. Dad is happy. He is visibly relieved.

At the reception today Spartie attended. You know who Spartie is? THE Michigan State University mascot. Here is a picture. The groom played football for MSU. The bride's parents are alumni and the bride also. HUGE Spartan fans. #5 was very unsure of Spartie.

Her: Mom (eyebrows scwenched together, watching Spartie). WHO is dat?
Me: That is called Spartie. He is a man in a costume.
Her: A man?in a costume?
Me: Yes, let's go see him.

I take her up to the front of the restaurant to see Spartie. I point out to her that his costume feels just like her jammies. She watched him for about 15 minutes and then decided to warm up to him.

I wonder who is having the most fun? #5? My cousin? or Spartie?

She also went around gathering chocolate cake and eating it. We didn't catch her in time before she ate a bunch. It was laced with Kahlua. So, far, she doesn't seem any worse for her alcohol consumption. CocoaLoco girl.

Friday, June 4, 2010


We are trying to have family movie night twice a month on Friday nights.

Last time we watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." Oh, my. We all laughed.

Last night we watched "The Bourne Identity." It was more for the boys. Oh, the things we girls put up with for all these boys.

Once the little kids (4,5,6) heard it was movie night, the chanting began. "POPTORN!" "PPOPTORN" "POPTORN!" The popcorn popper is out and plugged in. It is warming up and the stools start getting dragged over.
#4 yells, "WE need to watch the volcano!!!"
#5 squeals in glee, "VOLCAAAANNNOOOO!"
#6 echos them all, "BAWWWCAAAANOOOOOOO!"

They climb on their stools and chairs and watch.


The first pop is heard. #4 announces "IT IS STAWTING!"

The girls oooooo and aaaawwww.

We popped probably 1 1/2 cups of popcorn. All the kids and I ate the whole bowl. DH doesn't like popcorn because it sticks in his teeth. Really, he must be an alien. Who doesn't like popcorn? It is like a perfect food.

#1 told me I make the best popcorn in the world. #2 nodded enthusiastically.

I told them about Grammie's dad who would eat popcorn like cereal in the morning. In a tall tupperware cup with milk. He would float popcorn in the cup and eat it with a spoon. I told them stories about Poppy's dad and how he would eat popcorn. I told my eldest we gave him his great-grandfather's middle name. Gramps was particular about popcorn. It had to be white poporn (it is more tender than yellow), it had to be real butter, it had to be salted lightly. We would use the air popper, pop the corn, butter and salt it. Then he would sit down with the bowl in his lap. He would grab a handful and hold the fistful up to his mouth and eat it a fistful at a time. If you didn't get some fast, you stood a very good chance of not getting any popcorn.

We would eat a big bowl at night at the cabin and he would give us mind puzzles to figure out.


It just isn't the same without him.

Suprise Visitor

Today a lady from church stopped by. She had some comforters to give us. While she was here she wanted a tour of the garden. We walked around and I showed her the canning garden and the kitchen garden. The little girls followed us around sharing their great and infinite wisdom.

It was one of the days in early June that makes February worth it. The sun was shining, the grass wasn't cut yet, still on the long side, the sky was blue with cartoon clouds (as #2 calls them) and a light breeze. I was walking through the yard and had a two year old calling after me, "Wait me Mama. Hold da hand!!" I waited for her. She placed her little hand in my hand and smiled and we walked across the yard.

Not too many of those days left you know.

Not too many dirty underpants laying around anymore

Top photo courtesy of #3, found in the living room, next to the yellow chair

2nd photo was #2 being grumpy I found his dirty clothes on the kitchen counter. I was coming with the camera and he zipped up and snatched his bundle of clothes. I had him put them back so I could take the original picture. He got quite upset. Upset enough to shed tears and talk back.


Today I received a sales call from Hilton Hotels. It was a promo for Las Vegas or Orlando.

sales person: Well, Mrs. Brownhead, what destination is more interesting to you? Las Vegas or sunny Orlando? (think that FL is worried about tourism dropping with the BP spill?)

me: Ah, neither of them.

sales person: Is it the destination?

me: No. Packages like this generally don't cover a family my size. (Knowing full well most packages cover a family of 4.)

sales person: Well, how big is your family?

me: We are a family of 8, 6 children 14-2 years old.

sales person: Let me check on that.


sales person: Yes. You are right this package wouldn't cover your whole family. Why don't you leave some of them at home?

me: Excuse me?

sales person: Well, I have 4 kids and we would leave some of the kids at home with a sitter.

How would you like to be a kid in her family that got left home on a family vacation? I really wanted to ask her how many of her kids needed therapy.

Being left at home on a family vacation?

Sure, #3, you stay at home. We are going to Disney Land. See you in a week.

Do you know how injured any of my children would be??

How do you do a family scrapbook? Oh! That was our trip to Disney! oh, wait, where are the two middle kids?

and people wonder why this society has little family unity.


The days are so different. Instead of mess and homeschool teaching I have a DH working from home and quiet until 2:54 when #6 (who is 10)...