Monday, June 7, 2010

So much for Garden Planning

I spend parts of January and February figuring out the garden plan. I order seeds. Seed catalogs are essentially crack for gardeners.

Mother Nature decided spring needed to come about 5 weeks early this year.

I was okay with that. We just didn’t have as much lettuce, peas or broccoli as planned.

All was on schedule until my beloved fell down the stairs. Actually when he fell down the stairs I had all the seedlings started and ready for the ground because I taught a garden class. My ducks were in a row.

I have to tell ya’ll that my DH is a wonderful dad. He is hands-on, disciplining, diaper changing, book reading, vacuuming and mopping kind of dad. We are really a team raising this large family of ours. Having him out of commission has been, oh, what is a good word? Sucky? Debilitating? Frustrating? Get the idea?

The big boys and I are doing the best we can. We are still behind. It really is the little things that are just killing me right now.

Little things like, oh, when cleaning off the kitchen counter on Saturday morning, a certain child put all the garden seeds on the back porch. The counters were clear, right?

It rained buckets and buckets here Saturday night. I didn't know the seeds were on the back porch.

I glanced out the window yesterday to discover my entire seed stash is wet. Did you know that most seed companies put their seeds in paper envelopes to ensure that the seeds don’t mold?

Rain, paper, seeds.

Two shoe boxes full.

I am attempting to save the expensive ones. I am peeling open the wet envelopes, scraping the seeds onto paper plates, labeling the plate and putting them out to dry.

I had two years worth of seeds.

The garden plan is officially out the window because all of the corn seeds are soaked and now we are going to have two years of corn seed planted. Other veggies are being displaced. No green beans this year. I may be putting a container on the deck for zucchini and other things. This is still a work in progress but it isn’t going to turn out like I had anticipated the garden turning out this year.

No child has been scolded. What is the sense? They weren't trying to do something that takes up an entire afternoon of my time. But oh, this is killing me.

Where is the Calgon?

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amybird0019 said...

Sooo sorry....not fun....look back and.....the laugh may never come. Yesterday Shane's counselor came up to shake my hand before they were all released. He said, "Can you spell relief?" I quote, "R-O-L-A-I-D-S." And we had a good laugh. "Calgon, take me away...." sigh.


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