Saturday, June 5, 2010

#5 had a funny day today

This morning started off with haircuts. We got to attend my cousin's wedding reception and all the males in the house were shaggy. Out came the clippers and the buzzing began. I did DH, #2,3 and 4. Then #5 came in. She gets into the chair and says, "Mom. I want spiky haiw."

Her dad hears this and winces. Dad winces because he knows I don't have a problem giving her spiky hair. Hair grows. Although it seems to grow very slow on my girls.

Me: Are you sure?

Her: Yes, I want to be able to spike my haiw wike #4. (Honestly, she is so in love with that older brother it is just amazing.)

Dad is visibly cringing.

Dad: Well, if you get spiky hair you won't be able to have pony tails anymore.

Her: But #4 has spiky haiw.

Dad: Boys have short hair. You are a girl. You won't be able to have braids.

Me: How about we trim your bangs and the rest of your hair and see how you like it.

Her: a very resigned and deflated "Okayyy"

I trim her bangs and just take off the ends all over the rest of her hair. I put in a couple of braids and she no longer wants spiky hair. Dad is happy. He is visibly relieved.

At the reception today Spartie attended. You know who Spartie is? THE Michigan State University mascot. Here is a picture. The groom played football for MSU. The bride's parents are alumni and the bride also. HUGE Spartan fans. #5 was very unsure of Spartie.

Her: Mom (eyebrows scwenched together, watching Spartie). WHO is dat?
Me: That is called Spartie. He is a man in a costume.
Her: A man?in a costume?
Me: Yes, let's go see him.

I take her up to the front of the restaurant to see Spartie. I point out to her that his costume feels just like her jammies. She watched him for about 15 minutes and then decided to warm up to him.

I wonder who is having the most fun? #5? My cousin? or Spartie?

She also went around gathering chocolate cake and eating it. We didn't catch her in time before she ate a bunch. It was laced with Kahlua. So, far, she doesn't seem any worse for her alcohol consumption. CocoaLoco girl.

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