Friday, June 4, 2010


Today I received a sales call from Hilton Hotels. It was a promo for Las Vegas or Orlando.

sales person: Well, Mrs. Brownhead, what destination is more interesting to you? Las Vegas or sunny Orlando? (think that FL is worried about tourism dropping with the BP spill?)

me: Ah, neither of them.

sales person: Is it the destination?

me: No. Packages like this generally don't cover a family my size. (Knowing full well most packages cover a family of 4.)

sales person: Well, how big is your family?

me: We are a family of 8, 6 children 14-2 years old.

sales person: Let me check on that.


sales person: Yes. You are right this package wouldn't cover your whole family. Why don't you leave some of them at home?

me: Excuse me?

sales person: Well, I have 4 kids and we would leave some of the kids at home with a sitter.

How would you like to be a kid in her family that got left home on a family vacation? I really wanted to ask her how many of her kids needed therapy.

Being left at home on a family vacation?

Sure, #3, you stay at home. We are going to Disney Land. See you in a week.

Do you know how injured any of my children would be??

How do you do a family scrapbook? Oh! That was our trip to Disney! oh, wait, where are the two middle kids?

and people wonder why this society has little family unity.

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milnhil said...

Ha!!! Seriously. . .

I was shopping yesterday with all of the girls and a lady came in with a double stroller and her friend was pushing a single. . . double stroller lady started saying 'I would kill myself if I had more than two children! I need one hand for each, and could never do more!' Single stroller - 'People who have more than 2 kids are insane!' I was standing right there, with my two youngest playing perfectly at my feet, and they looked at me for confirmation of their opinions. . . I smiled and called for the two bigs - and the four girls and I walked away with the stroller ladies gawking. . .


The days are so different. Instead of mess and homeschool teaching I have a DH working from home and quiet until 2:54 when #6 (who is 10)...