Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shopping Day today!

I am taking the 4 littles with me grocery shopping. And it is our anniversary. DH is gone with #6 getting his allergy shots. I said, "Can't you take her with you?" knowing full well I would spend more time saving the kitten she terrorizes. Truly. I am writing the shopping list and menu and trying to get 3,4, and 5 ready. #4 came down and chomped his granola. I talked with him about the plans for the day. He got very excited because we are going to stop at the thrift store and buy him some summer jammies. He looked at me, milk mustache in place and said, "Mom. I am going to put my bowl in the sink (SCORE!) and then skeedabra up the stairs to get ready."

I think he meant skeedaddle.

#2 was sitting across the table (working on math, all his Algebra 1 has to be finished before he leaves for scout camp-he is cramming), smiled, looked me straight in the eye and said, "You need to write that one down!"

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