Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I just want to remember

This three year old is a hoot! She is so incredibly animated it can be irritating. You end up laughing when you should be scolding or at least enforcing and you end up laughing!

She gasps and puts her hand up to her mouth. Her eyes get all big. Then she smiles like she is pulling something over on you.
She looked over the back of the pew last week and told the perfectly quiet family behind us, "SHHH!"
She says, "YAH!" instead of yes, but just for today she is doing that. She normally very solemnly says, "Yeth." and nods at the same time.
She tortures the cat. She finds Jemima everywhere. It is like she has Cat Radar. The cat will nip her but she still smiles and exclaims, "I hab Phineas!Jemima!"
She has this little squeaky laugh that jumps about 3 octaves at the end of the giggle. All the rest of us end up shaking our heads because our ears hurt.
We love her but she is really Hell on Wheels. She is Tornado Toddler, Destructo Girl. #5 was Mistress of Mess but #6 is worse. Ten times worse. She and #1 are on the same level. And believe me, #1 set records for messes.
She is a cuddler. Many times a day she climbs up into my lap for hugs and kisses.
She loves her "laba laba" from Auntie Amy. She is wearing like a turban in the photo above.
People do ask me why I cut her hair. I never have. She is just slow in the hair production. But she loves having a piggy in the back. It looks like a fin shooting straight out-maybe it is just showing her true momentum.
She really does not want to stop long enough to eat. Then she gets all hungry and onery. Mandarin oranges are still the fruit to get her to stop to eat. She calls them "orangins."
She comes and gives me body slam hugs when I get home from bringing #1 and #2 home from seminary. She yells, "MOM YOU HOME?" then she sees me and squeals, "MOM YOU HOME!!!" and then hugs me. She tells me all her woes, like how dad didn't get her a bada (banana) and that Eiiii wouldn't put on a moobie for her.

Oh, we love this Little Bit.

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Krista said...


She is a doll, Dana!


The days are so different. Instead of mess and homeschool teaching I have a DH working from home and quiet until 2:54 when #6 (who is 10)...