Friday, September 10, 2010

Mish Mash

Things are moving along here in our little corner of the world.
The big boys have started seminary. Which means my wake up time is zero dark thirty.
My 3 year old (tomorrow! gasp!) has decided she wants to learn to read.
#5 and #3 and DH are suffering from ragweed allergy. Sniffles all the way around.
Foxes got all but 3 of our baby chicks.
#1 and #2 are demolishing an old pop up camper my dad brought our way. We are going to make a trailer for hauling stuff out of it.
I have finally figured out how to keep the house relatively clean-zones. Strict enforcement of zone work has led to less contention and a cleaner house. No electronics until school work and zone work is done. No exceptions. No matter how much they try.
I am teaching preparedness classes again and doing a lot for my calling at church.
Our tenant has decided to not pay rent. In order to make ends meet we are downsizing our vehicle. I had no idea to get someone evicted it would cost the landlord well over a $1000. Ah, the things we are learning.
We have a couple braeburn apple trees we need to glean-maybe tomorrow.
There is more....but I have to drive for seminary now. Later!


dawn said...

In downsizing your vehicle, how will you drive your whole family around?

Tulip Girl said...

Well, we will have to make 2 trips to church but that is one of the only places all of us go at the same time. This whole renting out the house thing has really kicked our financial butts. We traded it in and bought a smaller car with a smaller payment. We are going to look for a $1000 beater to add into the mix after we make some headway on the stuff with the other house and build up our emergency fund--again.

Tulip Girl said...

I think the way DH put it was "short term logistical problem for long term financial relief." We are going to be fine but would love to get some decent long term tenants or sell the house.


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