Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August is over and my new experiment begins

I committed with sharing a pig with my parents.

My freezers are full. The blog is going to take a bit of a detour.

What am I going to make these hungry, ravenous people out of the freezer? and how long can I do it? how much money can I save? I need room for at least 50 pounds of meat (maybe more). There is no room. Maybe I should take a picture? Right now there is a box on the chest freezer to make sure it stays closed. The frig freezer is loaded with grapes and berries. The garage frig freezer is loaded with all sorts of stuff-chorizo, sausage, ice cream (#3 would be happy to empty that out). So, my experiment is to empty the freezer and use the pantry as much as possible in the next 60 days.

Off to inventory the freezers...

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