Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I have been holding back on ya'll

Remember this? Dawn ordered me to update the blog. At the bottom I threw in there for good measure that I would like to lose weight but don't know how?

Well, amidst all the other things that are going on here I decided to start exercising. Some of ya'll don't know what a challenge that can really be for me. I had some pretty serious ankle injuries in my late teens and early twenties. Serious enough that I was on bedrest for about 9 months one time and have had ankle stabilization surgery with chronic tendonitis. Impact anything does not work for me. Even if I start a treadmill walking program within a week my tendinotis usually starts to rear its ugly little head. I still think it is a miracle I can walk pain free most days.

I tried a gym before #6 was born. Whoa. That took up a lot of time.

My mom introduced me to an exercise program called T-tapp. She did it a long time ago; over 4 years ago. I read a homeschooling board. A lady on that board had good success with T-tapp. I remembered my mom saying something about it and the lady on the board had a 50% off coupon. I ordered it. Had to have a coupon.

It sat in my dresser drawer for at least a year. More than a year.

This past April I was browsing and got sent to the T-tapp website. Well, there was a lady on there that is a homeschooling mom of 12. She went from a 22W to a 4 in 18 months with 75% of her workouts being only 15 minutes a day. Her name is Charlotte Siems. That caught my attention. I got interested in T-tapp again.

I had promised myself after the babies were born and done nursing I would do something. I didn't know what. But I had to do something.

To keep myself honest and with a deadline on the horizon I joined in on their 60 Day Challenge.

I just needed to finish. Do you ever feel that way? I just needed to finish something for me. I was desperate. I could manage 15 minutes a day. I didn't expect to win. I just wanted to finish. I had to do something for me.

I took the measurements and the pictures at the beginning and the end of the Challenge. DH made me take the pictures at the end. I didn't think I had done that well.


I am one of the Grand Prize Winners of the 60 Day Challenge!


The person who is the 100xCouch Potato.

The person who never did sports in her entire life except in 5th grade when we had Track Day and the race I chose only had one other person in it-Becky Howe-and I knew that I would get a ribbon because only she and I were in the race. And they gave away three ribbons.

Oh, wait! I did baseball in third grade and they thought I was a boy until I wore a halter top to practice one day. After that I didn't do baseball anymore. I digress.

In the 60 days I lost a little more than 26 inches.


I am going to Florida! They are flying me down to a spa to meet the developer of the program, Teresa Tapp. I get to attend the annual retreat free of charge. I am going to a spa. In Florida! I am going to get a make-up thingamaboober and pictures taken.

I am down 2 sizes and ready to drop another one before I go to Florida.


dawn said...

WOW! You are INCREDIBLE. Post pictures. I am sooo happy for you. and proud of you, too. Are you going to Florida when it's cold here in Michigan?

Krista said...

That is awesome! I am so proud of you!! I am going to have to check this T-tapp thing out, because I just can't get my behind back in to the grove of working out again.

amybird0019 said...

Whee haw!!! Way to go, Dana!! I'm struggling right now, too. Can't find the right program to help me lose weight and tone up. Where's that coupon??? I'm sooo excited for you! :D

ThurberGang said...

That is INCREDIBLE!! You deserve it!!! So fabulous. . . Congratulations!

Yo Ma Ma said...

Seems like would/should follow my own advice. 15 minutes is not much time. Guess I should. YOu are proof that it works. I have had the program longer than you and....

Robyn said...

Congratulations!! Where are the before & after pictures?!

The Lunds said...

By the way, you never said anything about the cute butt comment I sent ya!



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