Sunday, December 14, 2008

The New Nickname

#6 earned herself a new nickname today at church. Mugger Baby. She is 15 months old. She is wiggly and everywhere. During the second hour of church she is normally starving. I grabbed the dregs of a bag of cereal for her to eat during Sunday School. (I still refuse to feed them during Sacrament Meeting.)

DH, #6 and I are in Sunday school, she is chomping away at the cereal. A sister to the right of us is sitting with her son (she is probably middle 70s, son is 50s but she has Parkinsons and needs help because her hands shake so badly). She has a purse and a water bottle (she always has these). The sister was thirsty so she opened her bottle of water and took a drink. #6 saw her and immediately slid off DHs lap and went to beg for a drink. The sister didn't know what #6 really wanted and she let #6 carry the water bottle all around. #6 gave back the water bottle and then started rummaging through her purse. She found a bag of cheeze-its, handed it up to her and signed for food. All the while she is humming/growling to emphasize exactly what she wants. She tried to open the bag but the sister just couldn't do it and handed it to her son. He opened it with his teeth and gave the crackers his mom to eat. #6 is at her knees humming/growling at her to give her some. We had removed #6 seveal times back to our laps but she kept going for more. The sister gave #6 some of the crackers and #6 was happy for a while. During the closing prayer while everyone's heads were bowed and eyes closed she went over and stole the bag of crackers out of the purse.

#6's new nickname (given by #2) is Mugger Baby. She didn't quite mug the sister but she did steal.

The sister thought it was the cutest thing. did you see my mommy eye rolls?

I guess we have 2 MBs now.

Mugger Baby and Monkey Butt. How did this happen??

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Michelle said...

I can't believe #6 is already 15 months. It seems only yesterday she was born.


The days are so different. Instead of mess and homeschool teaching I have a DH working from home and quiet until 2:54 when #6 (who is 10)...