Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wrath of a 5 year old

This is what I hear: wailing, top of his lungs wailing. I am sure there was gnashing of teeth also. "YOU TOOK MY LEGO PIECE! YOU TOOK IT OFF MY GUY. YOU TOOK IT! YOU ARE A BERY, BERY BAD BOY."

#2 tries to talk to him rationally. It doesn't work. #4 comes downstairs to hide and sulk. I called him over, "Come here little man."

This conversation starts:
#4: Mom, #2 took my lego piece. YOU need to give him a wedgie.
Me: I am not sure a wedgie would be the right answer.
#4: Yes, it would. He took my lego piece. You go upstairs right now and give him a wedgie. Come on mom. Give HIM A WEDGIE.

Don't cross this kid. He goes right for the tender areas.

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Jen B. said...

I can hear him now -- how funny! Love his idea of the punishment.

Merry Christmas -- BTW, I cannot find your home address (again -- boy, I need to get organized). Can you email it to me again. jenbrimhall@gmail.com.


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