Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Welcome to Christmas Eve

I don't normally hear my dear husband scream. I did this morning.

DH headed down to the basement to get the stockings to find 2 inches of water in the basement.



J Rogers said...

Ummm are you guys okay? Why was there water in your basement?

Hilary said...

oh NO!!!! I hope that you are all ok - and that things are getting cleaned up. . . Merry Christmas!!! ;-)

Luke said...

May your Christmas season continue to improve from there! Oh my. I hope you have been able to get that resolved and cleaned up without too much trouble.

In any event:

Merry Christmas!


Robyn said...

Oh, what a disaster. I can honestly sympathize with you.

Jen B. said...

Oh NO! That is terrible!!! Hope things were easily fixed during the season and that you had a great day anyway.

James Myers said...

You wanted me to leave my address when we got settled:

PO Box 1107
Huntsville, TX 77342

Hope you had a great Christmas, and that you have been able to clean up quickly. Hope you are able to dig out from all the snow.



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