Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Explain to me

why is it when DH is out of town we get 6 inches of snow?

and it has to be removed from the driveway or else it turns into a sheet of ice and our van gets stuck.

Picture this: a woman, light blue coat, black hat, one green mitten, one red mitten, her sons boots and fogged up glasses.

UPDATED: How come when DH is out of town we get 6 inches of snow and I do the driveway with the tractor and then the clutch goes totally out on it and have to push the tractor from the end of the driveway back to the barn? I ate snow at least twice when we hit a patch of ice on the driveway and I slid and the tractor didn't. #2 had a really good laugh at me.

ibuprofen needed-and the boys did help


Michelle said...

Wait a minute...isn't that what boys are for?? If DH isn't around I fully intend to have Nathan do these things (when he's older of course).

Tulip Girl said...

Normally yes that is what the boys are for. Unfortunately for me, to teach them how to do it properly I normally have to do it. #2 knows how to run the snowblower and did it just fine. I was running the tractor plow and it was the first time. Since it was the first time, I had to do it so I knew what little tricks to tell them and set the snowbanks so they didn't run all over the yard.

NatalieHemingway said...

The last time Tadj went out of town our sewer line busted! NOT FUN!!


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