Monday, September 18, 2006

The Torch Can Be Passed On

My sister's nickname growing up was Monkey Butt. I do not remember why or how that came about. I just know she collected monkies and had a Happy Birthday M.B. birthday cake at least once. Since now both of use are having anniversaries of our (cough)27th birthday (cough, cough) I absolutely cannot remember the last time she was referred to with that name and I would absolutely understand if she decked someone if she was called that name. Now, I know my sister is wondering why in the world is she "talking" about this?

The torch can be passed on. I thought #1 could climb. He got up onto everything. But never, ever, did he use the drawer pulls like a ladder like the girl did today. I have stack of drawers in the family room. The pulls are one right on top of the other. I was sitting here at the dining table working on a Sacrament meeting talk and thought, "Whoa! She is on top of the desk. She is such a monkey butt." Then I looked around and there were no chairs remotely close to the desk. She then lowered herself down, using the drawer pulls, her little pudgy toes stuck in each pull. She was incredibly happy with herself.

Can we change the name to Monkey Baby? There is absolutely no way that DH will go for having that precious girl nicknamed with the word butt.

Off to find a screwdriver to take out the pulls...

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