Saturday, September 9, 2006

As terrible as this sounds, I am ready for some dumb kids

just for a day. OK, maybe not dumb-just not so brilliant.

DH recently reset all the computer passwords. He used "peanutbutter" as the password. #2 can spell it. #1 and #3 cannot. DH is gone with #1 on his 11 year old Scout campout this weekend. I have been managing by buying a box of Panera and just not looking in the family room yet. I will get to it after they are asleep for naps.

Well, I had to deliver something from the library/living room to the family room. #3 is at the computer desk holding (can you guess?) a jar of peanut butter. He climbed to an upper shelf in the frig (we have a frig on top/freezer on the bottom frig) to get it so he could get into the computer.

My first reaction: What are you doing with food at the computer desk?
Then it dawned on me. peanutbutter.

Then I hear, "Mom! Can you spell Hot Wheels?" a pause then, "never mind!" I hear a fast race downstairs to the toy area. He comes up with a car. It is a Hot Wheel. He looks at the letters on the underside of the car, types them in and goes to the url he wants.

My dear husband, please, no food product names for passwords anymore. 'kay?

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