Friday, October 3, 2008

Harvest Season and the M.O.M.

hear the tired sigh, tired but satisfied sigh

I don't know what happened this year but all the trees around us are producing pears, crab apples, apples, hickory nuts, walnuts and whatever else I haven't seen yet. I was driving down our little dirt road and noticed that my neighbor has pear trees. They were loaded with nice pears. I went over and introduced myself and asked if we could have the pears. She willingly let me have them and I started picking-8 bushels of pears. Then we noticed on the way back to our house the hickory trees are bearing nuts this year. And the walnuts. And the crabapple trees are loaded with fruit and the apple trees. Whoa!

Right now crabapples are in my steam juicer making the house smell all apple-ly. I made some syrup and the family gobbled it all up on whole wheat pancakes-crabapple syrup yumilicious. The pears are in the mudroom ripening. I have been doing research on pear recipes and I think we are definitely going to try gingerbread pancakes with pear sauce for breakfast next week.

On the child front....I have a 3 1/2 year old girl that is willing to come to your house and destroy it. All of our children have gone through chemist phases. No one has topped #1 yet but she is sure trying her darndest. #1 at this age put Hershey's syrup under the couch cushions and green tempera paint. #5 got into our room and emptied out all the lubricant all over our nightstand and floor. Then colored the walls. What is it about girls and coloring on the walls?? NONE of the boys did this. More than one horizontal surface in my house has her marks. I came home Saturday to find red nail polish up to the second knuckle on each finger and all her toes were done too-all the toe-not just the nail. DH just looked at me sheepishly and said, "I don't know how she got hold of it!" She is certainly living up to her Mistress of Mess title (M.O.M.). I am just thankful the M.O.D. seems to be taking a break (Master of Disaster, aka #4).

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Stacie and Family said...

You know I think it is something about the girls born that year. My #5 is the fourth girl in our family, yet the first who colors on walls. Diaper wipes are very helpful with pencil, pen, crayon, and washable markers. Did your room survive the attack?


The days are so different. Instead of mess and homeschool teaching I have a DH working from home and quiet until 2:54 when #6 (who is 10)...