Monday, October 13, 2008

A Chat with the Teenager

It went something like this:
Mom: I like children that do their work. I like children that don't complain and cause problems with their siblings.
#1: Ah, okay.
Mom: You have an assignment. I want a list of 25 things you are grateful for.
#1: Okay.

The conversation was a little more intense than that but I am preserving his privacy just a little bit.

Here is the list:
1. I am thankful for books
2. video games
3. legos
4. Scouts
5. Electricity
6. Friends
7. food
8. Water
9. Air
10. A home
11. clothes
12. wood
13. mom and dad
14. church
15. Sunday school
16. medicine
17. snow
18. family
19. science
20. the world
21. a government
22. money
23. a prophet
24. animals
25. school

Did you notice that DH and I came in at #13? and school at #25? giggle


Jen B. said...

Love the list -- gotta use that one two. I think it is pretty good that you made the list being the one that made him write it (he, he!)

Tulip Girl said...

or maybe he was just doing it to suck up. I think I will believe your explanation!

Robyn said...

I love the list too. I also love that simple "wood" came in ahead of mom & dad.


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