Thursday, October 9, 2008

Calling all you homeschool mommies-question

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If you have five students to teach and not all of them are willing (but able) to follow a list of assignments to complete, what consequences do you use when they don't complete their assignments?

I am logistically attempting to figure out this school year and it is looking crazy. I have Sonlight Core 6 for #1,2, and 3 (but different readers for #3), Core K for #4 and 5. While I am doing school with the littles the olders have enough time to get their bookwork done. But will they? in the past, nope. I don't have time to mess around with their lackidaisical ways this year and they need to just get it done. What do you recommend?


Marie said...

Never had five. Always had one who didn't want to work. We treated it just like anything else that was expected of them by their parents, and punished them if they disobeyed.

Examples of things that have worked, and not worked at times:
1. add today's missed work to tomorrow's list. keep accumulating until they are working thru the weekend, or other fun family events.

2. give them grades. like school. missed assignments are worth zero points. completed assignments (don't need to be corrected, just credit them for being done) are worth 5 points.
Create rewards for point levels. AND/OR consequences for grades that are too low.

3. Standard loss of privilidges. They may not participate in any other activities until their "homework" is done.

Move your school along at your pace. Assign them "homework" for things they dilly-dally over, and then hold them accountable as teh teacher by giving or removing grades/points, and as the parent the same way you would if they brought home a "d" or "incomplete" from their teacher in a public or private school.

And good luck.

Luke said...

I don't have any good experience to draw on to be of help, but if you haven't asked on the Forums yet, you may find great answers there too.


Jen B. said...

Man, I don't know how you do it. I have a hard enough time trying to get a hour of homework in a night. Are there homeschooling groups nearby where you can get together once a week or do some kids swap for teaching. This may help them get things done since they have to answer to more than you and they have the peer pressure to get it done.


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