Tuesday, October 14, 2008

School organizing would be much easier IF

the babies would leave the dots on the books.

An explanation--Sonlight is our curriculum and has been for a few years. It is a literature rich curriculum. That means many, many books. Each level has readers, read alouds, science books, history books, and even more tossed in for fun. To keep the books organized the company sends sticky paper that you can cut out dots or squares to stick onto the spine of the books. Each core (or different grade level) has a different color. It works very well WHEN the girls don't peel the stickers off the spines of the books.

The result? The start of school is delayed and I have to scan all 10 bookcases looking for the books I need. very.time.consuming.and.tiring. Today I am scotch taping all the dots on so maybe, just maybe, those little girl fingers won't peel off the dots. And I won't have to repeat this again.

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Luke said...

Oh my, that would be frustrating. I hope this new plan works out.



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