Monday, August 7, 2006

The Schedule

As much as I really don't like living by a schedule, the kids did much better with a schedule. I have known this trick for babies for years but I thought that my bigger ones were past it. Nope.

So here is the schedule. And as everything I do, is subject to change.

530 am treadmill
630 shower
700 CD starts (Children's Miracle Music)
745 free time for kids, shower for mom
815 scriptures
900 School with #3, bookwork #1 and 2, Blue's Clues #4 and 5
1000 Spelling and speed drills with #1
1015 Spelling and speed drills with #2, #1 on baby duty
1030 Paragraph book with #2
1100 History
1200 Lunch and recess
100 Read to the littles and put them down for a nap
130 Science and Language Arts with 1,2, 3
330 School books are due to mom, mom checks books
400 Afternoon chores, dinner prep
600 Dinner
700 Mom goes down starts laundry, studies, clean up anywhere needed, mom stuff, runs errands, etc.
730 PM CD starts, Daddy (if home) does bedtime routine
930ish Time with DH
1030 Fall into bed exhausted

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