Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy Birthday My Son

Today you turned three. The changes between 2 and 3 have once again amazed me. You aren't a baby anymore. You have far too many opinions (just like a 3 yo should have).

You play games with me. I whisper to you, "I love you." and you whisper back, "I Wov you." and this goes back and forth until you end up yelling at me, "I..WOVVV..YOU!!!"

You give squishy hugs. Other people know them as bear hugs. You grab hold of the persons neck or whatever body part you can reach and hug and squeeze them.

You love books. You love to be read to and you sit in the library and just look at the pictures.

#1 is your own personal little brother carrier. You are regularly on his shoulders, piggy-backed on his back or riding him like a horse on the trampoline or family room floor.

You are a charmer. You know when to flash your smile. Your brown eyes regularly flicker with mischief. You have a great sense of humor and will tease me. But you have a hot little temper. You are living up to the reputation of red-heads even though you aren't. You just have highlights. You bunch up your little fists and will let them fly if you are offended.

I watch you and wonder what it would have been like to grow up with so many people adoring me. I know you are blessed to have been born into our family. But we are even more blessed you joined us.

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