Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We Jammed Yesterday

Peach Jam

This past spring I bought a flat of pectin at Save-a-Lot. So, far this is hands down, the best pectin I have used. You can double the batches and you don't end up with syrup.

We did 2 1/2 bushels of peaches into jam. 32 pints, 41 quarts. It was one of those nutso days that was really fun. The moms got a bunch of work done, the kids played and ate sloppy joes (I filled the crockpot before anyone arrived). The trampoline, pool, and all areas of the house were played, screamed and laughed in yesterday.

On a technical note, this kitchen rocks for canning!!! The moms were at one end of the kitchen, the food was at another, we had water, stove and the dishwasher close to us and the island slid to where we needed it to make sure we didn't spill any hot pots. We had enough room for all of us to work and we only had to rub butts every now and then. We worked 3 pots of jam at a time. We started making the jam at 5:30 and were done with jam by 9:15. We did all the prep work ahead of time. It was great!!

Today we are recovering and cleaning up from the wonderful craziness.

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