Monday, August 16, 2010

Insides of cupboards done

Since the kitchen renovation I never really organized the cupboards. I did that this morning. I am definitely going to make my 10 bag quota to Purple Heart on Wednesday.

Note to mommies who have little boys who one day you will want to do kitchen work: they open cupboards and close cupboards fast and think things are put away. They will not look for an open anything if they can go to the pantry and open a new one (I found 8, yes, 8 open bags of tortilla chips.) Silverware will be put away even if there are food chunks on them. (Mom! it came out of the DW! from #4)

This kitchen is now covered in post-it notes showing them where things go. The cupboards have been simplified to the point of bareness. But there is no longer an excuse for putting away things improperly (except laziness). There are labels on the shelves inside the cupboards and drawers.

Tomorrow to wash down the outside of the cupboards and walls. Or maybe the garage?

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