Sunday, August 15, 2010

#6 Funny

I have been having this conversation with ladies at church. The topic is how to keep the kids butt in the pew for an hour. One of our tools is a picture book published by our church. For sacrament we pull that puppy out with #6 on our laps and whisper about the pictures. I know, not exactly silent but way better than the alternative.

Yesterday, we pulled out the book. She was already on my lap. I showed her this picture. Clearly David and Goliath.

Her response: No mom. Dat is Wawweee. (Larry the Cucumber-Veggie Tales)

Mom stifles her giggles.

Then I show her this picture. Clearly Jesus as a boy learning from Joseph in carpentry skills.

Her response: Dat Isaac.

I stifle my giggle again.

Then this picture. This is a picture from the Book of Mormon. It is a prophet named Abinadi before the evil King Noah. This is Abinadi telling Noah how rotten he is and right before King Noah sends him to be burned to death.

Her response? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Yelled as loud as she could.

Mom laughed out loud.

I think she was more reverent than me. smile

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