Saturday, August 14, 2010

#4 is showing me the love

#4 is laying on the couch and out of blue he asks, "Mom? You wanna see my stash of guns?"

I knew exactly what he was saying in Boy Language. It was, "Mom. You are cool. I can trust you to see my guns. And I love you and want to share my most precious things with you." He scurried upstairs to get his stash and bring it down to show me. He showed me his Precious-es. (how do you pluralize Precious?)

As I write, he is sitting on top of his metal suitcase hiding his guns from his sister. "No! only boys can see! This is a one player game!" (the guns are made out of duplos)

He turned his case so #5 cannot see the stash and he is shooting her.

See? I am special.


Krista said...

Awww! This just made me smile. You are pretty darn special!

Stacie and Family said...

So cool. I love your translations Dana, they are so spot on. Miss you guys.


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