Friday, April 2, 2010

Wheat Class Taught

Last night I taught a class about wheat to 32 people.

We ate Wheat Berry Breakfast Bowls, Wheatberry Salad, Veggie Grain Casserole, Whole wheat bread and artisan bread. I even made wheat meat and we ate it. (I think it takes like a beef flavored sponge.) Recipes and handouts are on my other blog.

Then I taught all who attended how to make their own bread from scratch.

I am pooped but there is no relief in site. Today I had a couple ladies from church come over, learn how to make refried beans and we made bean and cheese burritos for the freezer (they have large families also so we had a whole flock of kids over while we were doing this).

I was making the jello and when I was shaking the little bag to get all the powder down to one end the end of the bag blew a seam. I have orange jello powder cleavage.

Tomorrow is General Conference. We are going to Roseville for the broadcast and throwing a surprise birthday party for #3 in between sessions. He is going to love it. His fiancee is decorating. I dropped off tablecloths and essentials earlier this week. I am making a huge batch of pulled pork, a striped jello, coleslaw, cupcakes and a fruit salad. All must be done so we can leave by 10 tomorrow morning without raising the suspicions of #3.

Sunday we go to Grammie and Poppy's for Easter dinner.

Monday starts the tear out of the kitchen and re-positioning of our existing cabinetry. Plumbing a new sink, plumbing for a 2nd dishwasher (YES! 2!Dishwashers!) and some electrical is going to be done. Countertop measurers will be here Tuesday morning.

And everyone needs haircuts. I haven't started all the seeds yet. The toddler is carrying around a bag of frozen strawberries. How many of these am I going to find thawed behind a couch?

Signing off to prevent a disaster...

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