Monday, April 5, 2010

I am findin' me some cinnamon bears

The kitchen tear out started today. It also started with me running and buying another cabinet. DH didn't take into account where the drain is positioned in the wall and the easiest solution was to buy a 3 inch smaller drawer stack. So, I am in the car, half way there and realize I don't have my phone. Running to the hardware store with a shopping list given to you from 2 men is never a good idea without a phone. I pick up everything, load it and get home. The only mistake in the purchasing is I bought too good of plywood. (There are a bunch of different kinds of plywood.) OK, I can handle that.

I pick up my computer to do chicken research and it is going wonky on me. #1 while I was gone, decided to surf the internet and went to a site that downloaded a virus onto my computer. Black screen of death appears on my computer and I trek upstairs and say to the man, "You said this was just an ad! It isn't working." I probably had a scowl on my face. He muted his conference call and said, "OOHHHHH this is bad." I hand him the laptop and go back downstairs.

Not only was Tom (our contractor) in the house tearing apart the kitchen, DH scheduled a AC guy to put in an allergy filter on the furnace and AC. He was up and down, in and out. Almost all his parts were broken and didn't work so he is coming back again tomorrow.

The countertop measurers came this afternoon also. I think this is a new record-3 different workmen in the house working on different projects at the same time.

It is a beautiful day so I booted all the kids outside. I brought home peat moss and compost for the kitchen garden. #1 and #2 emptied and rototilled. I go out to inspect the big garden. The garlic is coming up beautifully. The strawberries Like only a quarter of them. Really weird.

I call all the kids in (Daddy has been on the phone non stop since last Tuesday). I mention the strawberry dilemma to #1. He replies, "Well, last fall #4 was hacking them all down. I don't know why he did it." 75 strawberry plants killed by a whacking wackaroo 5 year old.

#6 scattered all my sorted seed packets all over the picked up and clean living room. Thank goodness she didn't open them. She was naked for the second half of the day. Sidewalk chalk and naked 2 year old. Should have taken pictures.

It was a good day, just frantically busy. Kites were flown. Daffodils picked. Hyacinths plucked. Scrambled eggs and cheese for dinner.

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