Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Titus Women

When I first read Titus 2:3-5 I knew I had to be that kind of woman. I just knew it-deep down in my heart. I have known for many years that I would probably not return to the work of earning a paycheck. I have a family to raise. I have the next generation to raise.

I am not sure what I can do to help others with this challenge-making a home. I am not sure I do that great of a job of it. But I can tell you that when I make a good meal I have teenagers that linger and talk. I have kids that want to have other people over-a lot. My husband has regularly told me that I am a huge part of building our life because of the cooking that I do. We have friends and a full life because we share our table with others.

Let's fess up.

We have to cook at least once a day.

It is not always fun.

Admit it!

Whining, complaining, dishes, shopping, picking a meal day after day, year after year, the grocery budget, appliances and equipment that aren't adequate, rising grocery costs, using our pantry food, health concerns, all make this a doozy of a topic. And each of us is individual in what we need to do for our family.

It can take a long learning curve to be able to feed all the mouths that call us mother/mama/madre/mommie/mom/beloved beautiful mother. At my house that last one usually comes after banana cream pie.

I was talking with Kathleen and I told her about this great tip I learned that was saving my breakfast Bee-hind. (It is boiling up 10 pounds of potatoes at a time, cooling them down and storing them in your crisper drawer in your frig. In the morning you grate and you have hashbrowns, you chop and you have home fries. They keep for two weeks.) She smiled at me, her eyes were twinkling and said, "Oh, that. We have been doing that for years" as she waved her hand at me. You know the "oh that" wave? I responded by exclaiming, "Why didn't you tell me?" Honestly, after the 3rd kid there should be a manual on how to feed a small army- with an appendix on how to do it on the cheap!

So what can we do for the younger women?

I want to hear from you!!! Leave a comment!!


dawn said...

OK, so it is easier to do with only 3 children, but once a week we ate out. Usually fast food or pizza. EVERY Friday night was our time. Sometimes the kids fought over where we should go, then were relegated to their room to come up with a compromise. I loved that tradition.

amybird0019 said...

I say: Learn long division by hand then remember that it's okay to use the calculator. Translation: Cook from recipes, pancakes, biscuits, meals, etc. then know that using Bisquick, Rice-a-roni, Hamburger Helper, etc. are acceptable substitutes if needed but should not be the basis of your cooking, especially as families get larger. I can't cook just one box of Mac & Cheese. It's probably cheaper to make it from scratch and they like it better. (I'm sure I'll think of something more helpful later....) :)

The Lunds said...

I just committed to driving a young woman in my ward to and from her old high school everyday until she graduates. Her family just moved and it was wrecking her chances of graduating.

I tell her how much I love and like her as a person. I hope she knows.


Robyn said...

The potato idea is new to me! And genius!


The days are so different. Instead of mess and homeschool teaching I have a DH working from home and quiet until 2:54 when #6 (who is 10)...