Sunday, March 14, 2010

#5 at 5

Dancing at Jenny's wedding reception.

Turning 5!
and just being herself.

My friend Shannon says #5 is like me. Stubborn and smart. I can attest to the stubborn.

She sure does keep things jumping around here. The boys are learning to have to deal with an irrational girl (again, you can thank me future daughters-in-law). She loves to dance and read and paint and color and play babydolls and hug her little sister.

And we are glad she finally got some hair. Isn't she just cute? Friday she asked to see pictures of herself without hair. I was merciful and didn't take her to last fall. I showed her pictures with that baby fuzz hair and she just oooo-ed and awww-ed at herself. She isn't a baby anymore.


dawn said...

Is she blowing out candles on a BUCKET of ice cream?!? (my kinda girl)

Tulip Girl said...

Yes, that is what she wanted-a bucket of ice cream wif chocwat and cream. No chaihwees. :flutter eyelashes:


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