Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anyone else have a door slammer?

#3 has decided to start showing his anger at situations by slamming doors. Today, as the temperature is approaching 70 degrees (in March!), he was booted out of the house to play, use his bow and arrow, dig, find worms, gather eggs and anything else his little heart desired. (Peace and quiet was required by mother-5 hours of sleep is just not enough.)

"Mom? Can't I stay inside until Charles comes home?"
"No. Please go outside."
argument back and forth about the decree for him to go outside

"#3! OUT!"
Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. SLAM!

#6 was asleep. I can hear her now. grrrr I don't know about other mamas but I need some quiet time during the day and his actions just ended my quiet time. I got a whole 7 minutes today.

I follow him out to the mudroom, grab an ear and bring him back to the door. He had to practice closing it correctly 50 times.

He was still booted out of the house but he knows how to close the door correctly now. And he is in charge of his baby sister until quiet time is over.

Let the quiet time begin....


dawn said...

I LOVE your consequences!

The Lunds said...

Davis has been led around by his little ear. I told him if it works for his little friends we will see if it works for his behavior too. :)

Helena and Clara have been the door slammers. That was the one thing Helena absolutely got spanked and lost a door for. It came off the hinges immediately and and room was completely vulnerable to a little sister, back in the day.

The Amayesings said...

I lOVE positive over-practice. We have reverence practices for those who have trouble with that concept (happens often w/rambunctious boys), but it sticks for a while.

Tulip Girl said...

A lot of people are amazed that my kids sit through sacrament meeting. Well, we have been having "if you don't sit through sacrament meeting you get to practice" at home for years now. The girls are just now getting old enough but the boys have all had to practice sitting for another hour and 10 minutes after we get home. It works. And #3 hasn't slammed a door yet. :)


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