Monday, August 10, 2009

Over to Grammie's House to Pick up Cherries

Grammie and Poppy were up north this weekend. I rang her up and asked if she could bring home cherries. I have a whole flat of sweet black cherries on my kitchen counter. We had to go and pick them up last night. #3 and #4 came with me. #3 thinks that if you are driving and he is in the car he has a captive audience. (Well, you are sorta stuck but I don't always listen.) Last night he was talking about potholes, washboard roads, corn (how it is even taller than him), how long we are going to live in our house (this is all in the first 2 miles). I reply to him that I hope we are going to be in this house until he is married and brings his wife and babies to come visit me.

Here is part of the conversation.
#3: You mean we aren't going to move again?
Me: I hope not for a long time.
#3: Weww, you might have to make the house bigger.
Me: You aren't going to LIVE with me. You will come and visit.
#4 pipes up: I am neva getting mawwied.
Me: Really?
#4: I am neva getting mawwied. I neva want to weave ouwa family. I love ouwa family.

What a sweet, sweet boy.

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