Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Garden notes

First large tomatoes are red today. The small fruiting tomatoes are coming in by the serving bowl. I was walking through the kitchen today and found #5 filling up on fresh picked tomatoes. It made me smile.

The cucumbers are prolific. I think I am on my 9th batch of pickles. It is a good thing. I was down to 4 jars of relish and completely out of other kinds. The shelf is almost full.

Today peach jam.


J Rogers said...

That is awesome! Maybe next summer we will have a large garden to harvest.

The Lunds said...

I love the canning list. It is amazing! I am sorry I have missed so much. I am still in awe. In fact, Rick is the one who told me about your running list. I didn't even know he read your blog. :)



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