Monday, September 8, 2008

Update on Baa Ram Ewe

Ever since #1 told me about trying out the sheep password I was dying to ask him a couple questions. I have learned as a mother there are sometimes you don't ask right away. I can get more information out of them if I just play it cool and wait a couple days. Anyway, we were playing Apples to Apples (Aubrey and Danielle are here for a long weekend) and my opportunity came.

Me: "So did you actually say the sheep password to the sheep? Did you wait until Dale and #2 weren't around or what?"
#1: "Yah. I tried it twice and it didn't work."

Guess who pipes up?

#2: "Well I waited until both of them weren't around and I tried it four times. It didn't work either."

Neither of them knew the other was trying out the sheep password on the sheep and BOTH of them tried multiple times. I am sticking with childhood innocence...


The Amayesings said...

That is awesome!

Tag, Tulip Girl! See my blog for an explanation.

Jen B. said...

You've been tagged. Check out my blog and see what's next.


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