Thursday, September 4, 2008

A funny from #1

I know! #1???

We were visiting our neighbors last night. They have 2 sheep-a black wethered male and an ewe. This morning as I am shoveling yogurt into the baby I ask #1 what he thought was cool about last night. Here is the conversation:

Me: "So what did you think was cool last night?"

#1:"Well, I am not really an animal person yet."

Me: "Oh."

#1: "The dog. I think we should get a dog."

Me: "Well, we'll have to think about it but housetraining a puppy can be a lot of work."

#2 stumbles in bleary eyed.

Me: "So what did you think was cool last night?"

#2: "Going to bed."

#1 looks over at me quite seriously and says: "Well. Baa Ram Ewe does not work." and walks away.

Remember the movie "Babe"? what I would give to have seen my eldest son looking those sheep in the face and seeing if the sheep password would really work. Although 6 feet tall-there is still a young heart in that boy.

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The Amayesings said...

LOVE the "Babe" reference! One of my favoritest movies for kids. #1's cool.


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