Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pillow Talk

Tonight the big boys are gone with DH to retrieve the canning supplies from the old house. It left one very exhausted #5 (who went to be at 6:30), #6 who was still eating (what a chowhound!) and #4 with Aubrey and myself. (Jon and Aubrey are here for a visit.) We made cookies. He got to hold the blender. Add all the ingredients. Sit on the counter. Mix. Eat cookie dough. We finish and I asked him to go to bed. He just got up and went. (Holy Smokes! no crying, screaming, arguing!) About 45 minutes later he comes down and asks for a drink. After his drink he asks if he can sleep on the couch because the big boys will come home and talk. "And dey keep me awake mom." So, I offered up my bed. The offer is readily accepted. I nurse the baby, put her to bed and then start this conversation:

Me: Who loves you?
#4: Da cats!
Me: Oh, you are sure right on that one! Who else loves you?
#4: People who make candy.
Me: You are right again. Who else loves you?
#4: Heavenwy Fadda and Jesus. Dey wuv me. And dey have piwwowfights up in heaven. (he is saying this very seriously)
Me: (giggling) Really?
#4: Yep. I fink dey want us to hab a piwwowfight.
Me: I don't think so. Do they watch us?
#4: No. I don't fink so. I don't see no eyeballs. See? (and he points to the ceiling) No eyebawws dere.


The Amayesings said...

Makes you wonder....

Jen B. said...

How funny is he!!! It must be time for a family pillow fight!


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