Wednesday, August 27, 2008

End of August

ooooo! It is coming so fast! Labor Day! Soon the snow will be flying and we will be all cooped up inside. This week the boys (Jon included) mulched the trees. We had 12 cubic yards of mulch delivered from a recycle center. I know it sounds like a fantastically huge amount of mulch but we are going to not have enough. really It looks like we will not get the berry patches mulched.

We are preparing for spring by getting the garden patches ready. I have carpet on the grass to kill it. We will rototill the plot and compost it this fall. Killing the grass and weeds is top priority right now. It took me a while to figure out how to lay out the yard and gardens. The former owners really loved flowers. There are beds all around the house all of them perennials. Unfortunately in the year the house was vacant thistle and all sorts of other picky plants have had a great time invading the flower beds. I am getting rid of 3 of the flower beds and consolidating the perennials into the front of the house flower beds (one on each side of the porch). My evening tonight was spent going from the various flower beds, picking which flower I wanted, digging it up and moving it to the front of the house flower bed. Tomorrow we are moving peony bushes and removing spirea. Hopefully we can get under the crabapple tree done-the junipers that were underplanted died. The beds that I am taking the flowers out of-well that are going to be seeded with grass seed. I just don't want to spend all my time on flower beds. The plans are vegetables, chickens and bees. Spring 2010 we will consider some 4 legged critters for milk.

Also this week we have to move the chicken coops and paint them. This is gonna be a big project. So maybe we paint this week and move them next week. I am still researching the best place to put them.

School starts day after Labor Day. We will go get our library cards on Tuesday. The inside of the house is almost done-well done in there are not boxes everywhere anymore and it is semi-organized. We have furniture now! The only rooms really in shambles are the school and the mudroom. School room will be done tomorrow or Friday. Mudroom? Don't know when that one will be done. It is the last remaining room to be painted. Maybe in a couple weeks we will tackle it.

Still so much to be done before snow...sigh


Jen B. said...

I would love to see pictures! You know how I love decorating.

The Amayesings said...

Ditto on the pics! You are an amazing person, Miss Tulip Girl! Rock on!


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