Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th

The day started out slow. We were at the new house working. (Did you just see the 12 year old's eye roll? Working-we are always working.) We were invited to a pontoon boat ride to see the fireworks and we accepted. We thought we need to do something fun. You know, inside of working all the time.

We arrive at the house and meet some old friends there also. They actually gave us a crib for #1. The child that used the crib before they gave it to us is 15. All the families get on the pontoon. All goes well. #3 shrieks the colors of all the fireworks she sees. "GWEEN! PINK!" The glitter ones are pronounced her favorite. We motor back to the dock. We start unloading. I am still on the pontoon, #1, 2, 3 and 4 are off. DH has A#5 and 6. I have the basket of blankets and coats (because none of the children actually can carry their own blankets or coats).

I look over to DH and I watch the dock collapse. DH yells I have a baby! I have a baby! He is precariously slanted with #6 wedged between him and the boat. #5 is completely under the water. #5 is under the pontoon. I grab the baby from DH and DH and Bishop DeVries get #5 out from under the boat. The only way we found is because just seconds before the dock collapsed DH was prompted to grab her hand. She tried to fight him because you know her independence was being infringed upon. It saved her.

I am counting blessings-all 6 noisy blessings.

DH and I are still shaking.

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Krista said...

Oh Dana. Thank God everyone is safe.

Good thoughts are coming your way.


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